Native Deodorant – An Honest Review

I have been using antiperspirant for years but lately wanted to make a switch to a more natural, aluminum-free alternative. That is when I stumbled upon Native, an aluminum-free deodorant with minimal stylish design and safe ingredients. I have considered switching to a safer deodorant in the past but was turned off by the idea of it not being antiperspirant which essentially meant it would not help me from sweating. I personally hate feeling sweat under my arms and was used to more traditional deodorants like Dove. I was also intimidated by the fact that I ran across many reviews about natural deodorants giving people rashes or irritating their skin.

Another thing I had to consider was that a Native deodorant about $11.99 for one stick which was around twice price I was paying for my previous deodorants. Nonetheless, I felt like it was worth it if it meant using more healthy and safe ingredients on my body so I went ahead and bought a stick in the scent, Jasmine & Cedar. Here is my honest, non-sponsored review of Native. 


After six months of use, I must say that this deodorant is a pleasant surprise. I recently finished my first stick so I went ahead and bought a pack of 3 (cheaper if you buy a pack). The scents I went with were pink grapefruit & elderflower, mandarin & white peach, and water lily & orchid. I was very lucky that I didn’t get any skin irritation with using the deodorant and pretty much had no issues adjusting. I also really like their scents as they’re very mild and natural smelling. I find the deodorant to work well in actually eliminating any smell. 

I actually also don’t feel as sweaty as I thought I would. Native claims to be able to absorb wetness rather than blocking it like aluminum. I feel that the deodorant does a pretty good job of keeping the underarm area dry and not too gross, which really surprised me. I also like that it is free of parabens and sulfates as well. 


The biggest downside to Native deodorant is still probably the price. As mentioned before, Native deodorant can be much more expensive than other deodorants out there. The price is definitely something that you would need to consider. Another more minor flaw is that the Jasmine & Cedar stick I had started falling out of the container once I got to the bottom, so I wasn’t able to use the last bit of the product. This isn’t too big of an issue, but I just like to be able to use up all my product. This could just be the one stick I got, but I update once I find out if the other sticks do this as well. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am very happy I made the leap to Native deodorant. I like their fresh, non-headache inducing scents and the fact that they have safe, non-toxic ingredients. I am glad to be able to find a safe, and effective aluminum-free deodorant. 

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried Native and what your thoughts are. 

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