I Tried Imperfect Foods – Here Are My Thoughts

I have always preferred to shop for my own food rather than order it from a food delivery service. I like being able to see the food that I am buying and picking out ingredients myself. However, once shelter in place took place, I decided to look into some ways to have food delivered. That’s when I decided to try Imperfect Foods.

What Is Imperfect Foods?

Imperfect Foods (formerly known as Imperfect Produce) is a company on a mission to reduce food waste by essentially offering foods with “slight imperfections” at an affordable price. All the food is safe to eat but are rejected from stores due to surplus inventory or cosmetic imperfections.

Imperfect Food offers a variety of produce, dairy, meat, and pantry goods. You can choose to receive delivery once a week, or every other week. Each week, Imperfect Foods puts together a box for you. If no action is taken, that food is automatically purchased and delivered to you. However, if you’d like, you can go online during the “shopping” window to customize your order. I personally customize every order just to make sure I get the items I want.

My Experience with Imperfect Foods

I have been using Imperfect Foods for several weeks now, and I must say that I am pretty impressed. I understand with the high demand right now, it’s much harder for them to operate as normal. The selection was more limited at first, and there were many items that were sold out. Our first order was delayed, but they reached out to inform me and was able to deliver two days later. I am definitely seeing more selection now, and delivery has been on time for the most part.

The quality of food has so far been pretty good. The imperfections aren’t too bad, and mostly remind of what you would find in a home garden with awkwardly sized produce and slight appearance flaws. However, I certainly don’t mind this, and I find the food to be pretty fresh and tasty. There was only one item that I had to throw out, and it was a pear that was starting to rot. Other than that, my foods have come in great shape.

There is a delivery fee of $4.99 to $5.99 but if you order a certain amount, you’re able to get this fee waived. I tend to order a big amount every week so this hasn’t been too much of an issue for me. Do note that they do not allow you to pick a delivery time. Instead, they have a set day every week based on your location. As far as customer service goes, I have found it to be decent so far. I have only had one issue with an order where I was missing an item, but they were quick to give me a refund after I emailed them.

My only complaint is regarding the website interface. It’s not the cleanest shopping interface and can be somewhat difficult to navigate. The site tends to glitch sometimes when I go into customize my order. I do wish that Imperfect Foods had an app that made it easier to check on my order. They do not provide tracking information for your food delivery and can be slow to inform you about a delayed order. These flaws are not too big, but can somewhat affect the whole experience.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am pretty happy with Imperfect Foods and will continue using them, even after shelter in place. They really save a lot of time and are able to provide good quality food without breaking the bank. I have found them to be a lot more affordable and versatile than many other food delivery services. I like that they allow you to customize your order and motivate me to include more fruits and vegetables in my diet. I also like that they have a good mission as I personally don’t like wasting food. I am definitely glad I discovered Imperfect Foods and gave it a try.

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