Hi, I am Alina. Thanks for visiting my blog. I started Life Home Create after purchasing my first home and realizing that there is so much to learn and discover when owning your first home. I wanted to write this blog as a way to document the things we learn along the way, in hopes that it will inspire or help someone else.

My fiance and I are also very into DIY projects, and we like to do a lot of our own remodeling. While we are not professionals, I want to share the struggles that we go through as well as the things we learn along the way. Ultimately, home ownership is a rewarding learning experience.

In addition to home stuff, I also have a bunch of other interests, hobbies and musings to share in this blog. I have a strong passion for sustainability and living a life that helps our planet. I also love music, food, books and the great outdoors.

Ultimately, I hope that you find the posts helpful and that you’re able to be inspired.

Thanks for reading!